The first of the year has started off rather rocky due to a big ole’ case of “burn out” but I’m gathering steam and feeling stronger as the days progress and am happy to say I’m almost back to 100%. I hate to admit it, but part of the fried brain feeling is due to the weather. Seasonal depression happens a lot around here and although I fight it, some days it’s difficult if not impossible to fight. It has slowed me down a little bit, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. On the days when I feel really good, I accomplish a great deal and for those days, I am grateful. On the days when I’m not feeling my best either physically or mentally, I am truly grateful for those as well. They give me time to rest, regroup and often I can see, once the light starts to shine again, what I can do to help myself stay in a more positive frame of mind. And just as often, I have a new surge of creativity or have found the answers to some problems. Restful times are necessary and important.

Having said that, I’ve decided there’s going to be some changes happening very soon within the world of EarthMotherMosaics!

Some re-arranging of both Etsy and ArtFire items will be happening throughout most of February. Some things have already been moved from one site to the other but more and perhaps big changes will be happening in the months to come.

The “Wish Upon’s” are coming along nicely. Make a wish, write it down on a piece of paper, place it in the box, trust and believe it will come true. We all need a little faith sometimes to help us reach our goals. Some seem so daunting. Using these star decorated boxes will be one way to help make those “wishes come true”. Creating the idea for them has been a true inspirational experience. So far the feedback has been positive which keeps the inspiration going, so thank you all for that. They will be listed on Etsy in mid- to late February. I still have much to do; however, I am fairly sure quite a few will be ready.

Something else will change soon as well. I’ll be using my website for selling some of my mosaics that don’t fit either online shop I have now or I’ve shown for a while on both. They will get put on the website so they can still be purchased and I won’t have to “retire” them or find a new place to show them. has the ability to go directly to PayPal from it when you list something for sale. I hadn’t promoted what was on the website for purchase but instead promoted the other two online shops more often. This will change! Keep an eye for posts of items going on the website as the months progress. I will post information here and on Facebook as I add things to it, just like I do for the other shops. I’ve neglected the website for a while now, working on the other places more than it. It’s definitely time to use it and keep it updated!

I am so excited! I plan to spend some time grouting coasters, a frame and a small gazing ball for the next few days and I’m enjoying the anticipated results. Of course, I love getting messy and playing with the grout but I also love seeing the pieces I make completed. Also, as I work hard for days after grouting to make sure all the grout is gone and what’s left is a shiny piece of art, it feels good to see something that was only a few weeks before in my head actually sitting on the table, hung on a wall or held in my hand.

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love creating mosaics. The entire process from start to finish is a spiritual experience. I highly recommend finding your own voice in some artistic form even if you’ve never thought of yourself as artistic. Try new things until something feels right for you. It’s worth it.

I can’t wait to see the retro frame finished and I’m fairly sure that’s where I’ll start the grouting fun! This is going to someone very special to me. It’s name is The Language of Jazz and once it’s grouted pictures can be seen on Facebook and flickr before it heads out. I hope once it arrives to its new home, I will get to see a picture of where they’ve hung it. It was a blast working on the larger sized retro frame. This is 12×24 inches while the ones I’m used to working on are half that size. More in the larger and middle sizes are in my future!! The suppliers at are absolutely the best at creating unique MDF shapes and do a dynamite job of making them “mosaic ready” straight from the box they lovingly wrap their items in.

The class schedule calendar is filling up. I’m very excited to have added 2 new places to share the love of mosaics with! The first classes start in March and the last set of classes are at the end of May! This year the classes offered are for coasters, IKEA frames and flower pots! Yay! I am going to have a blast!! As always, as the classes get closer to running, if they run, I will give the dates and place where they are being held and of course photos after the classes are over! It’s always so much fun to do these classes and I love seeing everyone’s faces when they realize what they’ve created. This year, I’ll be instructing 7-10 year olds, teaching them how to make mosaic coasters. I’m very excited about that and really hope there’s enough interest for it to run (fingers crossed). That will be the last class in May.

The last bit of new is that my blog posts will run Monday and Friday with special announcements or information added on Wednesday’s.

Enjoy your weekend. Try to make it creative!