This week is all about wishes! I dreamed of beach decor earlier this week probably from doing the finishing touches on the beach-themed custom order frame I just sent on it’s way. That prompted the Etsy Treasury which I’m still very thrilled about. It is just one of those things that after I posted it, I thought how wonderful they’d all look in a room together.

Now I have been finding stars here and there and everywhere in my studio in all sizes and forms and have decided to start working on them and getting them listed. I first started on a small box that can hold a small piece of paper with a special wish on it. These stars are now named “Wish Upon’s” and the ear worm that plays while I create them is sung by Jiminy Cricket. They make great little trinket boxes too! Here’s the one that still needs grouting and painting that I made yesterday.

Because my mood is all about wishes and dreams, I have to take the time to thank someone very special in helping me to create a life I am pleased to call my own. I’d like to thank Connie English once again for writing an article a few years back that I have hung in my studio from a mosaic publication, Groutline entitled: “Step By Step: Building A Mosaic Career, from the Grout Up”. I know I’ve thanked her before in a previous blog entry but I feel it’s necessary to remind myself once in a while how one person’s words can make an impact on someone else’s life. I have found her article inspires me to keep moving forward with my dream when times get a bit rough. Thank you, Connie for your wise words. I read them often! Please take the time to check out her website. Her splash page is a beautiful mosaic she created with tempered glass!

I’ve got many new items listed in Etsy and one new thing in ArtFire. The “Wish Upon’s” will head to Etsy unless launches soon. If they do, that’s where the stars will be placed! Either way, once they are all finished I’ll be listing them some where! 🙂

My newest frame is probably my favorite listing at the moment. “Cosmopolitan Sophistication” is 1930’s “The Thin Man” Series inspired mosaic art. When I was too sick to do much else other than watch my favorite classic movies, that is one set of films I always pull out to watch. Something about the era stuck with me I guess, and this framed mirror is the result.

More pictures and info about it can be found here:

Another set of “Citrus Slices” coasters are listed too! I love making these – they are just so yummy!

And a few of the small candle holders have been added in green and blue. These are great sitting by a sunny window or used for mood lighting.

Both green and blue can be found in the Home Decor section on Etsy. Here’s the link for the blue one.

An awesome mosaic was created using recycled materials which is always a favorite thing for me to do and that can be seen on ArtFire along with a few small wooden frames I recently made using both dish tiles and stained glass. Check these out and look around at a few other things while you’re there as well. 😉

I’d like to do another ArtFire Collection in a day or two. If I do, I’ll share the info here in an additional blog entry.

Remember to enjoy the moment and make it creative!