Happy New Year Week!!!

This particular week has been a very reflective one for me, as it has been for many, I’m sure. I have had much time to think about what I would like to see in the coming year happen with my business due to being sick and housebound. Having some snow helped me stay put as well!

I plan to expand my business into a dedicated art studio to be able to give workshops there. A co-op is also something I’d like to do, separate from my other goal of expansion. This is very exciting and I am positive I will find the funding and the help I need when the time comes!

I have just filled out paperwork to do another set of mosaic classes for a new school in the New Hope/Solebury area. These classes will be for coasters and a mosaic flower pot just in time for Mother’s Day! MALT has asked if I’d be interested in doing a “Level 2” class in the Spring and I am sure I will come up with something for the students to do that is a little more involved than the coasters class that I offer. Finding the right project for students to do is sometimes difficult but I’m sure we’ll figure it out! And I will again be doing both basic and intermediate classes at Keith Valley Middle School as part of the Hatboro-Horsham Adult Ed program.

I have realized some things must change so that some can be expanded. And entirely new avenues will be taken to see where it leads me! Finding the way towards all the goals I’ve created in September (my birthday and when I start my “new year”) has been a little more difficult than I had hoped but none is impossible. It is my intention to continue sharing the love of mosaics in all ways possible. And that, after all, is always the goal for all things I do!

I have many things to think about within the next few weeks. During a time when all of us are thinking of new resolutions and ways to stick to them, it is no surprise that I am right there with you!

I wish you all a safe journey through your life, every happiness you can have and hope you find your bliss. I truly hope the coming attractions for 2011 are filled with golden opportunities that turn prosperous for us all!


I was contacted recently by an old co-worker who asked me to make her a frame using specific colors to match her mariner themed room. The photo I shared on Facebook and flickr shows the finished product before grout but below I’ve shown you what it looked like when I first started and halfway through as well as the finished product not yet grouted. I plan to mix white and fawn grout together to get a light sand color. If it doesn’t come out exactly as I think it should, I can always do an acrylic water wash to lighten it up a bit more.

I’m very pleased with the results and once grouted, shells will get glued on. The sides and back are stained and there is a sawtooth hook attached ready for hanging. I hope she is pleased with it once she has it hung in her mariner themed room! I think it’s beachy!! 🙂


There’s still a few gifts that haven’t been delivered yet. I have a very patient friend in CA who has yet to get her mosaic gifts from me. Hopefully I will get them packed up and out to her next week along with the prizes for the 3 contest winners! I thought I’d have them wrapped up and ready this week but I am finding my energy still a bit lacking. It doesn’t take much to wrap up a few boxes, but it is almost more energy than I can muster this week! Sad, isn’t it?!

I don’t have a favorite mosaic that I’ve created this year. I like each one I’ve done and enjoyed seeing the looks when given in person and getting the comments of great joy when they received them. A few I have been proud of, especially the donated pieces for charities and a few that sold in a gallery setting. I love every single one I’ve created this year and I think even with making bad grout choices once in a while (remorse still lingers) I have learned much and want to challenge myself a lot more.

Gifts given to my family were especially satisfying this year during the holiday. Unfortunately, many of those moments were not recorded. I was so caught up in the excitement of my 3 year old grandson that I rarely had the camera at the ready this year! I was mostly enjoying the moments as they happened which is very rare for me! I highly recommend it, however. Stay in the moment and enjoy it!

This wraps up the last blog post for 2010. It has been a wild ride this year and I’ve learned a great deal. I send you all much love for sharing this wonderful year with me and wish you all a very Happy 2011!

Enjoy the rest of your week. Make it creative!