Oh how I love the whimsical items out there at this time of year! I have noticed those of us who like to use recycled materials as often as possible, can not only make but find some of the most playful creations! Enjoy!


Contest info: Week #2 is almost up! Tuesday at midnight (EST) is all the time you have to get in an entry before the last week of the contest begins. I will announce the winner on Wednesday. Follow the rules in the previous blog posts about the contest and enter to win! Good luck!!

Work in the studio has been spotty at the moment due to that nasty flu bug that doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone. I have been working, however, on the days I feel well enough to do so.

I have also noticed a slight slip in positive energy due to not feeling well mostly and am also working hard to stay in the frame of mind that has carried me through a fantastic journey this past year! I think it’s natural for many to feel the stress of the season and think about the upcoming tradition of making Resolutions. My resolve has slipped just a tad but contemplation and absolutely believing in myself and my goals have continued to help me through. I will find it again!

Therefore, I hope you all can find time to contemplate if you need it as well. Meditate, spend time with people you love in a relaxed setting, snuggle with your favorite pet in between the hustle and bustle of the season. Take some time to enjoy your life.

And, as always…have a wonderfully creative week!