Thursday evening was my Mosaic Basics class for MALT (Mt Airy Learning Tree). 13 people, including a husband and wife, learned how to “butter” their stained glass and mirror pieces with glue and place them onto two 4 inch MDF coasters. With the help of my daughter whose assistance is always greatly appreciated, I gave each student a kit which included a piece of paper with instructions on it hoping it would help them go at their own pace and ask questions as they went. Each person was given a template to use if they needed it and many decided not to use it and “do their own thing”. I encourage everyone who takes this class to consider a design on their own if they feel ready to do so. I had one person who already did a mosaic with a group of people and made a 3-D pineapple. This class was boring her, I’m afraid, but I promised to bring some glass and mirror in small sheets and teach her how to score glass while we wait for the grout to cure next session. All-in-all, I certainly hope each person walked away with a good feeling about making their coasters. As always, I had a blast and am looking forward to the next class on Dec 2nd.

Because there will be no blog posts this week due to the holiday and a lot of prep work I need to do to cook our turkey dinner, I have done my Etsy Treasury here. It’s all about CHOCOLATE in all its wonderful forms. Mmmmmmm.

Great news for those interested in saving a little money before Black Friday. Starting midnight tonight, there will be a 25% sale off of all Home Decor items at my shop on Etsy. There is a link you can use to go directly to the sale or you can find me as you normally would. The link that goes directly to the sale will not work until midnight (EST).

The links are:

The next blog post will be Monday, November 29th. I have some exciting news about the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas! Want a hint? Who doesn’t like free stuff?!?!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Try to find some creative time in your week, if you can.