This week I’ve been doing prep work for 2 cool things happening tonight and tomorrow evening.

Tonight at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, PA there is an Open House spotlighting all the classes from the last semester. This is an hour long event giving demos of what was learned. In the past, the highlights have been people who are learning guitar, the clown class students and belly dancers in full costume who all perform. There was dog obedience training and a brief example of what each had learned, water color art displays from beginners and intermediate classes. There are instructors working on their crafts such as beadwork and caning chairs and of course, now, mosaics (that would be me). It was a lively event last year and one hour seemed to be just enough time to see all the interesting classes offered here and to once again be a part of this wonderful community. I love giving my mosaics classes here and hope to continue to do so for as long as they’ll have me. I will be there working on a custom ordered 10×10 inch frame which is used for the intermediate classes and my daughter, Tara who has assisted me in the intermediate class I recently gave here, will be working on 2 coasters for the beginners class. This gives the people who are interested a chance to see how both are made and ask questions about each class. If you live locally and have been thinking about taking a course next time they are offered (they start up again in February 2011) come join us from 8-9pm tonight in the cafeteria. Follow the laughter and you will find us!

Thursday evening starts a new mosaics basics class at MALT in Mt Airy, PA. As of yesterday, the class had 15 students, which is the maximum I allow. This is very exciting news! This is the second time I’ve taught at the art center there and I loved it. I’ve been nipping glass and mirror for a few days to make up the kits I use to give to each student. Splitting the classes up into two sessions, the first kit has all the supplies needed to glue stained glass and mirror onto 2 four inch coasters in two hours. The second and final class has a kit too that includes grout, gloves and felt “feet” for the bottom of each coaster. I will be taking pictures and posting them on Friday. Tara will be assisting me again and I’m so lucky to have her there to help! This is the biggest class I’ve given to date and I think it will be a blessing to have her there. I will post an additional blog entry over the weekend sharing photos and info about how the class went. You all know we’ll have fun! I’ve been scheduled to give another basics class for MALT in March. I’ll keep you updated here. If you live in or near Mt Airy and want to have some fun come join us!

On Sunday, November 21st through November 24th, there will be a Home Decor sale in my Etsy shop starting and ending promptly at 6 AM! Those of you interested in saving a little money on some great one-of-a-kind mosaic gifts, each item in that section is 25% off.

I am still taking custom orders for Christmas until November 30th. The biggest sellers in my shop so far are the stained glass candle holder/vases in the home decor section! I just sold the two I had listed recently (yay!) and hope to get at least one more made before the sale. If you’d like to purchase one and none are listed, let me know and I’ll make one for you. They are really very pretty next to a window during the day and lit with a candle at night.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Make it creative!