As promised, here is Part 2 of the Etsy Treasury for this week. “For The Love Of It All” has featured 16 more items to look over. Enjoy!

There isn’t a whole lot to share from the studio this week. Many things are requiring finishing touches which means there will be a major day or two of grouting happening this week. A few are shown below.

These are silver mosaic butterflies and will be listed for $15 each. Originally I had made two and used them as pendants but they were big and bulky and didn’t feel all that comfortable around my neck. After studying them for a while, I added ribbon and some filament wire and hung them on the wall. I think they look pretty cool alone as well as in a group (photo #2). I’ve made 4 so far (only 3 are shown below). These were made using stained glass, grout, glitter and ribbon.

I’ve got a nice little supply of pendants started, to be added to ArtFire exclusively after Thanksgiving. These will be listed for $30 each once they are all grouted and sealed.

I made a candle holder/vase scrap mosaic and it too needs to be grouted. This will be listed for $40.

I have a few other odds and ends that are waiting for grout that one or more of will most likely be part of an upcoming festival I may be doing the first week in December! Fingers crossed!!

On December 1st, I will be running a month long “What A Great Year CONTEST” here on the blog! This contest will run each week from Wednesday, December 1st through Wednesday, Dec 15th, stopping the week of Christmas and then starting up again on Wednesday, December 29th. Details on how to enter will be posted on December 1st.

Take note: there will be no blog posts the weeks of November 22nd and December 20th.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Make it a creative one.