Not so long ago, my Father handed me a small baggie with copper “coins” covered in enamel to possibly use in mosaics. He must have had them since the 50’s. He used a few as eyes for his wooden fish cutting boards that he used to make when I was a little girl. I recognized them immediately, recalling the cutting board my Mom used to use when they would entertain. He told me he had them made specifically for those cutting boards and held onto the coins thinking they’d come in handy one day. I have used a few in my mosaics; one was put into a piece that was recently sold and made me smile to know that his small cooper gift to me has been appreciated by others and helped set the tone for that particular scrap mosaic. Scrap mosaics are what I call the pieces I make using all bits and odds and ends of scrap in stained glass, mirror and other cool objects that are usually sitting on my work table. Putting them all together in a geometric way as a mosaic is one of my favorite things to do!

This week while gathering up scraps for a new mosaic, I found the coins my Dad gave me. That prompted me to do some searching on Etsy for enamel and copper and I found a huge amount of pieces very similar in style to what my Dad gave me and decided to dedicate a Treasury to them. I have found enough to do a new one every day this week, but will try to contain my love and only do two! This is the first one. The second will be posted on Wednesday with a brief look at what’s going on in the studio.

Just a friendly reminder: If you’re interested in having a custom order made for yourself or someone for Christmas, I am taking orders up until November 30th. Think about giving a unique, one-of-a-kind gift to a loved one or give a gift to yourself! You deserve it!!  Also, for those who ordered mosaics last year at this time, please note the new policy for custom orders: I require 1/2 to be paid before the mosaic work begins. The balance plus shipping and insurance is due when it is completed. Thanks for understanding!

Have a wonderfully creative week!