Not much to share this week from the studio but I have been busy, just the same!

All week I’ve been working on listing sale items on Etsy and making new pendants that will be listed on ArtFire in a few weeks. I have done a little bit of work on a piece of MDF, making a possible Christmas gift, so the photos have been limited just in case the recipient decides to do some snooping! I can’t say for sure where it’s headed and I can’t say for sure it will be a gift, but it has been great fun to work in the studio again after doing all the marketing lately.

I’ve decided to start utilizing the fact that I like cutting small pieces of stained glass and making them into an abstract or design and do those more often. Lately I’ve been allowing larger pieces into my work, bigger space between glass and using more grout. I love using grout and all its color choices and will always use it in most things I make because of that. But the mosaic design, spacing and the glass used is also important. Cutting really small pieces has always been what I like to do. That means I must take my time. There is no downside to this. The joy I feel when I work slowly is so great. I completely get into “the zone” and breath better. It’s a Zen thing with me and most artists who enjoy the creative process. The pieces I’ve done in the past, when I’ve taken my time to cut the glass and used patience, have been some of the most successful. Sometimes, I’m a bit slow at thinking things through, apparently, because if I had realized that before doing a few recent pieces, I’d have been much happier, much sooner!

I will be making another candle holder/vase using the scraps soon because I sold the one listed last week. I love making the abstract designs with scraps – all geometric and way cool! Scrap art is fun!!!

There will be photos of a few things within the next week but many won’t get a debut until after they’ve been given as they will be gifts. I love sharing photos of work-in-progress and will do that with things I can share.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Make it a creative one.