I found some really cool things when I was trying to find gifts for this past Monday’s Treasury. As a bonus for the week, I’m including a fantastic vintage collection of featured items that are both “now” and “vintage”. Groovy and cool, hip and modern. Just plain awesome. Enjoy!


I’ve just listed a slew of belt buckle bases in the DESTASH section in my shop. I have also made a new section for CLEARANCE items. At the moment, mosaic rings (which I no longer will be making) and a nice wooden tray have been added to this section. Unfortunately, I dropped the tray just as I was getting ready to list it, so I put it up for clearance as it has a big ole crack in it now. Bummer. In any case, I think these two new sections will come in handy in the future! Check back often if you don’t see an announcement here or on Facebook. Many things will be going in the CLEARANCE section for an upcoming half price sale!

Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!