Last night’s class was so much fun! The 6 ladies in my intermediate mosaics class learned to cut stained glass and mirror and started gluing down their glass onto their IKEA wooden framed mirrors. After their initial fear of the glass and keeping a healthy respect for it, they became pros at scoring and breaking the pieces they needed. Most had already used glass nippers from the previous class I gave; each were comfortable with using all the tools and picked their favorites as the night progressed. I’m proud of them for their willingness to learn. I’m also proud of their designs and will share them here, on my Facebook page and on flickr next week during as our last session together ends. It’s always such a blast to see the joy on their faces as they “build” their mosaics. My daughter assisted me again this week and the 8 of us mostly laughed throughout the 2 hour session. What a great group they are!!

This past week I’ve managed to work on a few things for the store fronts. There’s grouting to be done on what I’ve finished and one is just beginning to look like I saw it in my head. There’s a possibility that one (the crescent moon) will have a few incarnations before it’s completed. As I work on it, I see it changing and veering away from my original thoughts. Sometimes I like when that happens, other times … no so much.

"Just Warming Up" - pre-grout

Glass-on-glass - close up - pre-grout

Mr M - work-in-progress

Within the next day or two I’ll be heading to my favorite DIY store and getting grout for my things and for next weeks’ class. When I’ve gotten what I need, I will have a grout fest, which is always a lot of fun. I have a ritual: I put on my favorite music, grab the gloves, mask and tools and mix up the grout and start making a creative mess!

A note about the jewelry listed on Etsy and ArtFire: all pieces will be removed this Friday, October 15th. They will be replaced within the next month with new pieces and may be retired completely or brought back next year. If you’ve been considering purchasing belt buckles or pendants that are listed in my shops, now is the time to do it! The new things will go into the shops before the holidays. Also there will be one more sale between now and December for some of the items very soon. Getting something for those hard to buy for people in your life at Christmas time, might be just a click or two away!

Have a wonderfully creative week!