This ArtFire Collection was gathered together to share some wonderful snack choices. If you’re serious about break time like I am, you will spend some time looking through each store front. So many yummy things to choose from. I’ll definitely be ordering a few things listed here and will review each item once I have sampled them. Actually I may need to order the same thing a few times before I make a final decision. Just to make sure, you know, that it is as good as I think it is. 😉

I came across some cool vintage tea cups and a few coffee pots while searching and have included them here. Break time is always a happy ritual for me. I appreciate a good cup of tea or coffee and a really good snack. While it is possible to create my own cookies, cheesecakes and other decadent desserts, I enjoy finding people like these who spend their days and nights thinking about how to make the best ooey, gooey, death by chocolate, heavy sigh after each bite snack that they can for my enjoyment. I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into a speciality foods business, especially the things I’ve highlighted here. Thank you to all the shop owners who do the baking for me. The love of the final product by me and the people who created it, is what makes my break times special!

Updates from the Studio: I have just learned that the donated mosaic peace symbols made for the auction on Sept 25th for Hope’s Door in Dallas, TX (which was held at The House of Blues and was blogged here previously) made $10,000 for the charity “Project Peace” for Hope’s Door. I’ve been blessed to be a small part of this great cause. Congratulations to all who helped bring some much needed funds to this charity. That amount will help quite a few families transition through a difficult time in their lives.

The Greater Norristown Art League has asked me to be the “Artist of the Month” for October. What an honor! The link for GNAL is: – on the right hand side you’ll see the info with my name and a photo of my jewelry. Click on it to take you to the page about me. A special thank you to the very talented Jo Ann Cooksey Bono who asked me if I would be interested in this opportunity and who also created the page you’ll see about me. She does the web design for the entire site as well.

I hope you had a wonderfully creative week!