I’ve spent most of the week wrapping up the Make 5+3 gifts and doing prep work for the next round of mosaics I’ll be creating soon.

The envelopes below should be heading out soon. 3 are ready to go today as they are headed out to places within the US. The rest are headed to Canada, Saint Lucia,  Austria and the UK as soon as I get the cool looking Custom form envelopes necessary from the USPS. As far as traveling goes, I’ve been to Canada. Just think, my mosaics will be going to places I’ve never been!! Amazing!

I spent some time yesterday in the studio making something for each contest winner. These should head out to them by the end of the week. Congrats again to both Ann S and Jenny B for entering and winning!

There’s not much to show just yet from the studio. This is the time in the process of making mosaics for me when I sit a lot, surf the net for inspiration, nap, dream, read, draw, take notes, walk in and out of the studio many times looking at supplies and substrates as thoughts occur, pulling glass out and looking at it, putting it back and finding another piece or putting it aside and looking for something to go with it. This is all part of my creative life and necessary to get the juices flowing and allow the muse to rest.

Next Monday the newest Etsy Treasury I create will be shared. This has been a great thrill to learn about new shops and meeting new people on etsy.com each week. The items I find are often vintage in style and very colorful. If you haven’t yet looked at them, take a minute or two to do so. Some sales have been made thanks to these treasury’s as well. Yay!

Next Wednesday I hope to share a photo or two of the latest creations from the studio!

Have a wonderfully creative week!