The studio has been busy with finishing touches on the Make 5+3 gifts. I had a blast making them and am really hoping the recipients like them. Once they are all delivered I will share photos on flickr.

I learned some things this week about pushing the creative flow. Trying to build my own boxes to wrap these lovelies in, must have been hysterical to watch as I flipped cardboard around, cutting, cursing, hurting myself and having tape attached to all parts of my body but none actually going on the boxes. I finally gave up and ordered some handy envelopes online before calling it a night last night. I also managed to place a paint pen on it’s side which decided to leak out and onto the backs of a few of the gifts. Muttering carefully chosen words this morning, I realized forcing myself to finish up what I was doing when I was so tired was pushing a bit too much. I learned that when I am tired I get hurt, can cry easily from frustration and in the end nothing gets accomplished and often has to be redone or repaired. Thank you, Wise Creative Muse, for teaching me what patience is all about once again!

I have made some new pendants going into the store fronts this week. Each one is made from a bottle cap, acrylics, glitters, tempered glass and grout. I loved making these and will be doing more in this style very soon.

New pendants

Tempered Glass Pendants

I’m cleaning out the studio and there will be a de-stash sale happening soon. As I work with different kinds of jewelry bases I am learning what I enjoy working with and what I don’t. Space is always limited in my studio so why not share the things I don’t use?!

I have some exciting news! Peace Patch sold a few days ago at the Riverbank Arts Gallery in Stockton, NJ! What a great feeling!

Peach Patch

Peach Patch SOLD!

The contest to win a free mosaic worth $25 is still running this week. Weigh in on the opinion poll on Facebook and flickr to get your name in the random drawing. Because I am getting opinions from both sites, I am going to pull a name from each site. So far the opinion is to place a mosaic on the splash page of my website instead of a photo of me and I have to admit I was happy to hear that. I have already changed it and will switch it monthly with a new mosaic photo. A photo of me is now under the tab labeled: Artwork, in the folder: About the Artist and the Art. The contest ends this Friday, Sept 3rd and I’ll announce the winners on Monday, Sept 6th! Good luck to all!

That about covers the fun in the studio for this week. Next up is working on a vase exchange and 2 donation pieces! A possible mosaic for Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, IN might be worked on if I can get it accomplished before the deadline. The theme is Halloween! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mosaic of mine in her window?! Plus I’m always working on a few odds and ends to place in the store fronts for the upcoming holidays these days!

On Monday I will sharing a new Treasury from Etsy. They are so much fun to create!

Have a wonderfully creative week and remember to listen to your muse!