Last month was a month of revelations for me both personally and professionally. Personally, I discovered that I am still human and not a super hero and on occasion require rest and relaxation in order to keep up the pace of a person in business who is a one-woman show. Professionally, I had discovered that everything I wanted to do had been accomplished in five short months! With a sense of wonder and excitement with just a touch of exhaustion, I knew it was time to take a bit of a rest and at the same time look at the goals again and add some new ones. I now have a new list, am more or less rested and am excited to see what the next five to seven months brings.

The studio is buzzing with projects; some yet to be made, some almost completed. I’ve also been busy writing a business plan which has taken a good chunk of my time these days but it is so very worth it! In truth, it is going slowly but I’m meeting my deadlines so far and am thrilled to think of all the exciting things planned. The future looks bright and promising, which means I’m filled with delight!

One of the new goals was to find a new blog site. I had major problems with my old one which was attached to an email account that got hacked into. Very sad for me as I loved the blog and the account however it was time to move on to WordPress.

Now that I have a new blog, it is also time to share some new photos from the studio:

These latest group of pendants will be given a chance to each shine on their own with photos posted on my website soon. The price and a description of each one will also be provided.

Wavy Stained Glass designThis upcycled Vanity tray has a wavy pattern in stained glass with a few decorative glass gems on each end and is for sale (check the website for pricing and information). The colors used are variegated blue with purple and sea foam green, grouted in sandstone.

Meanwhile, I’m working on organizing and expanding my shop to include studio de-stash items, mixed media projects, garden gazing balls and of course mosaic jewelry as well as recycled/upcycled/repurposed items, wall art and mosaic mirrors in all sizes and shapes. The shop should be open by the last week in June.

I am working on a commissioned garden gazing ball and will share photos at the usual spots on my flickr photostream and on my page through Facebook and of course here on the blog. Keep a look out for work-in-progress photos!

And finally, I’ve started the quest to look for separate studio space (in addition to the small room I have in my apartment) to allow me to offer workshops and will keep you all updated on that as it happens. Ideally finding a place that can be for workshops, a larger studio space to house some large equipment as well as perhaps have room for a small boutique is on the wish list. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find something that fits the bill for all three things?! The search begins, wish me luck!!

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☼-EarthMotherMosaics~Cindy White